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Putting the Care back into Hair Care

Reneé Potgieter, also known as Naturally Reneé is the founder of Your Hair is on a mission to change the way beauty is perceived. As a society, we have developed a dependency on toxic products and processes which damage and disrupt the natural balance of our hair. Reneé is determined to stop this madness by reminding us of one remarkably simple truth: we are already beautiful!

In her work, Reneé strives to teach us that if we accept and celebrate our natural hair we can cut, colour and style it, without sacrificing our hair health.

Her journey began in 1993 when she trained for 3 years under the renowned Carien Fensham in Johannesburg. After working and backpacking for 2 years everywhere from Turkey’s beaches, to cruise liners in Alaska, to hostels in London and salons in Europe, Reneé returned home to settle in Cape Town.

In 2000, after noticing that the industry was fundamentally flawed in how it approached hair for real women, she became an independent stylist. Since then she has trained and collaborated with many talented individuals, some of whom have opened salons of their own, and she continues to spread the message of a no-nonsense natural approach.

With Covid having made many physical salons a thing of the past, young stylists now face an increasingly competitive  industry from a more independent place than ever before. Reneé hopes that the additional difficulty of breaking into the industry will motivate young stylists to seek resilient mentors. Ultimately, she would like to see these young professionals become generations of hair care experts that drive change by extending the principles of sustainability beyond their product bags and into the ethos and daily workings of their businesses.

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